Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Vessel of Contradiction

“Yet I am poor and needy;
May the Lord think of me.
You are my help and my deliverer,
O my God, do not delay.”
Psalm 40:17

“Prayer is the possibility to affect everything that affects us.” E.M. Bounds

Vessel of Contradiction

Lord, I come before you today
A Vessel of Contradiction.
Poor and needy, yet blessed and thankful.
Lost in a sea of bills, grateful my husband found his joy.
Worried about my bank account, glad to have him back.
So I bring it all to You today.
I lay it at Your feet.
Requests and praises
Hallelujahs and Help me’s
Courage and Anxiety
Belief and Doubt
Commitment and Questions
Wisdom and Ignorance
Gratefulness and Brokenness
Peace and Fear
Contentment and Frustration
Hope and regret
An overly emotional woman or a spirit longing for heaven.
Whatever I am
On this earth
At this moment
In this place
With every part of me
I am yours.

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