Thursday, July 21, 2005

Rockin' Raj

"Those who have an understanding will be given more, and they will have all they need." Matthew 13:12

Just when you think you have it altogther
Roller-coastin' along in the bad and fair weather,
You meet a guy like Rockin' Raj,
And you begin to realize it's all a mirage.
One man reminds you of the truth of God's glory
Simply by tellin' his own life story.
From a tribe of loincloths like you'd see on Tarzan
A little boy from India became a life-changin' man.
He was raised a Hindu with thousands of gods,
But Jesus found him despite these odds.
See when he was about twenty, walkin' the streets of Bombay,
He was feelin' pretty low, like an island cast away.
So he walked into a big temple of the Hindu
And prayed for them to come and show him what to do.
He walked to his brother's house feelin' kinda weird
That's when he cried out for help and some crazy things appeared.
His arms twisted up and his hands became like claws,
His mouth was open and dreulin' and he had a crooked jaw,
As he told and posed to illustrate, I winced in my church bench
But then he started talkin' about a thirst he couldn't quench.
He was gropin' in the darkness searchin' for some light
When he remember a bedtime story his mom told him one night.
When she was a little girl, she was told that she would die,
But that's when the missionary lady appeared by her side.
She prayed in the name of Jesus and the little girl was healed
In order to stay alive, she grew up with the story concealed.
But when she became a mother she told a bedtime story of love
To help her children dream of miracles with no nightmares to speak of.
Back in his brother's house, all twisted on the floor,
His body, mind, and soul all fightin' a fearsome war,
He began to remember the name he'd heard those years ago
He called out to Jesus and felt some peace from head to toe.
Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! he cried until he was completely free
But his brother, being Hindu, was angered and disagreed.
As Raj continued to praise, his brother smacked him hard on the face
He told him to stop this at once or he would bring the family disgrace.
As punishment for his crime, he was for a month locked in a room
But this solitary confinement only helped his faith to bloom
For a Christian had come by and slipped him the word of God
And his faith became strong enough to face a firing squad.
His brother hired a magician lady who came with oils and potions
As she began to chant and sway, he prayed with earnest devotion
"Lord, reveal your power in the blink of an eye",
That's when the magician lady screamed, saying she must leave or die!
When his month was up, he was still shouting "Jesus, Amen!"
So he was forced to say goodbye and never see his family again.
But now Raj has a new family including foreigners he once despised,
For Jesus, alive in him, has helped him see with different eyes.
As he continued his energetic story, his joy spread though the crowd
We joined him in the celebration, smiling and laughing out loud.
After hearing Raj's story, I know we'll never be the same,
Big things are suddenly little when you see what he overcame.
Jesus personified, his glory revealed in a gripping tale,
This story of one man's journey where the one true God prevailed.
Though Raj seems like the hero, he'd argue with anyone
That the real hero is Jesus, God's one and only son.
Raj will contune to tell his story to any and all that can hear
Even at the risk of his life, he will continue to persevere.
So from a tribe of loincloths like you'd see on Tarzan
That's how a little boy from India became a life-changin' man.


Alucard said...

Kristin! That was amazing! Thanks so much for taking the time to put that in writing! Now we just need to get YOU to India! Let me know when you're ready... there will be plenty of opportunities coming up this next year. -samurai jack

rwegner said...

How in the world did you pull that off? That poem was inspired! I sent the link on to Ron and Raj today. I can't wait for them to read this. I can hear his belly laughter right now - filled with the joy at what Jesus has done. Thanks for sharing this. - Rob