Sunday, September 25, 2005

Yes and No

"Come close and whisper your answer.
I really need you.'' Psalm 55:2

Yes, I wanted to have a baby this year
But now I will need to wait
No, You have a different plan for me
I'm not at the mercy of fate.
Yes, I ache for another child
Like a tightened bud longs for spring.
No, I will wait like the old tree
That toughens with each growth ring.
Yes, I am grieving the tangible loss
Of my own dreams and plans.
No, I am not crushed
For I place it in Your hands.
Yes, you need my time, my thoughts
And energies elsewhere.
No, I will not mope about
and I will not despair.
Yes, I have a beautiful child
I grin for she is like no other.
No, I will not let this bring me down
I will thank you that I am her mother.

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