Friday, September 09, 2005

Peanut Butter and Jelly in Galilee

"Galilee was the place where Jesus would face the most opposition to the kingdom of God. Guess where he went?" Rob Wegner

""Go and tell my brothers to go to Galilee; there they will see me." Matthew 28:10b

"So where is your Galilee? What are you doing to bring the kingdom of God to the places where you will find the most opposition?" Rob Wegner

As I sit in the teacher's loungue
Conversations stab my ears
I marvel at the dialog
Seeping from my peers.
"I have a class full of idiots!"
"Boy, that kid is dumb!"
"Thank God it's Friday!"
"I wish Christmas break would come!"
"These kids are worthless!"
"What ever happened to respect?"
"The principal wasn't even in the building
the last time I checked!"
"The parents don't teach them manners!"
"All they do is sit and stare!"
"They always have excuses!"
"And they never come prepared!"
I sit and eat my sandwich
With peanut butter and jelly
As they continue unaware
Of the ache deep within my belly.
Don't they know that "idiot"
Is someone's only child?
Don't they know that "dumb" kid
Won't ask for help because they don't smile?
Don't they know what happens
Outside the classroom walls?
Don't they know what prescious beings
Walk past them in the halls?
Don't they see the kids I see
With such innovative minds?
Don't they know God formed each one,
Every shape and kind?
Don't they know the joy there is
In touching their lives each day?
How do I tell them how they touch my life
In so many different ways?
If I choose to speak up,
They'll only turn on me.
I know because I've tried it before
So this is my Galillee.
Lord, how do I fight for the kingdom without judgement.
Can I really break through?
How do I show them love and
The unbelievable joy of knowing You?
Holy Spirit, work in me
Help me to do what's right.
Until then, I will wait on you
And just take another bite . . .


Anonymous said...

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Jessica said...

You should speak up again... hopefully they'll take you seriously if you tell them more than once...