Wednesday, September 21, 2005


"Be still before the Lord and wait patiently before him." Psalm 37:7
"The reason why many are still troubled, still seeking, still making little forward progress is because they haven't yet come to the end of themselves. We're still trying to give orders, and interfering with God's work in us." A.W. Tozer
"All sin , at its root, is failing to give God glory. It is loving anything else more than God. " Rick Warren

Thumb Twiddling
Toe Tapping
Knee shaking
Lip biting
Clock watching
Calendar surfing
Breath sighing
Lord, I wait for You.
Infants gently carried
At restaurant tables
Down grocery aisles
In the back rows of church
Every where I turn
Little fingers beckon
Arms ache
Heart yearns
Three months of waiting
This sunday morning
Sept. 25, one last test
If yes, wishes granted, new life, growing family,
Tears of Joy, Feeling complete,
If no, then another year of waiting,
Another year of little faces in every corner.
Lord, forgive me.
Help me to see You at every corner
At restaurant tables
In grocery aisles
In the back rows of Church
Help me to long for You like I long for a new baby
Waiting and hoping to meet You soon
Help me to look forward to the real tests
Thank you for everything you've given me
Forgive me for focusing on what I don't have
Last month, I moped and dragged for days
Not again,
Sunday morning, I will give myself one minute
60 seconds for the aching mother to cry out or celebrate
Just one minute to get back to You, to what really matters
Whatever happens this Sunday
You still reign in my life
You still shower me with blessings
You still died and rose again
You still have a plan.
Lord, forgive me.
I will try to pass the test of this test.

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