Sunday, May 11, 2008

Pas de Quatre

You met me in a week of dance routines
paper chain meanings in each of the scenes
a dance with daddy in the afternoon sun
Your Abba love lessons have just begun
melting preschool worries of fire alarms
as her little eyes close, safe in his arms
I long for her confidence to be in You
above firing line peer reviews
but in this moment she rests in daddy's love
feet on feet like hand in glove
as You gently remind me to let You lead
with a stone-rolling promise guaranteed
my eyes are shrouded and drip with a blink
knowing the wedding dance is closer than we think
then off to her recital where she glows with pride
giggling with friends that dance by her side
"we're all in this together" was the song of choice
And behind the camera, I can clearly hear Your voice
Lauren makes friends in thirteen seconds
but wall flowers never have to feel rejection
it's safer behind the camera or in a character's skin
yet much like a band-aid or safety pin
the next day she got to meet her first bride
her first wedding and her mouth gaped wide
at the pink and white beauty of true romance
then the music began and she couldn't help but dance
on the dancing floor with the bouncing lights
then outside with bubbles at night
zero inhibitions when your five years old
another whisper from You begins to unfold
it was just her and the music with not a care in the world
and I met You in the silliness of my little girl
for all I really want is to bring glory to You
even if it means some silly moves too
You nudge me again when her new friend stopped by
a warning against the fate of William Bligh
as their teeter totter play of give and take
calls me beyond my wallflower state
hand in hand they dance and run
when you have a friend, it's just more fun
morning dawns and the service begins
another dance that makes me grin
yet another beckon to stretch me more
thank you for my family dance of four
Pas de Quatre

"We've all danced the dance. The dance of the world is "power up" and step on whoever's toes you need to to get ahead. But Jesus came with a new dance. There's a whole new song playing. There's a whole new dance." Mark Beeson, "Space Invaders" sermon May 10-11

"I will build you up again and you will be rebuilt. Again you will take up your tambourines and go out to dance with the joyful." Jeremiah 31:4

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Janell said...

You need to read this aloud, record it and put it with the pictures in a media. Your husband could do that! It's so good.