Sunday, August 13, 2006

Tell Me Where

"Tell me where you're working —I love you so much—Tell me where you're tending your flocks, where you let them rest at noontime.Why should I be the one left out, outside the orbit of your tender care? " Song of Solomon 1:7

Maya knew why the caged bird sings
Emily had that fly that buzzed
Bobby Frost took the road less traveled
Uncle Walt called honest Abe his captain
Shakespeare compared her to a summer's day
Solomon said her love was better than wine
Painting this flattering portrait of a beloved
university life poured poems out like springs
calender pages turn and dull the senses
hypnotized and tongue-tied, I think I lost him
time after time, he will go his way, I'll go mine
a language I used to sleep with at night
suddenly foreign spicy food that attacks the tongue
underneath it all, there's still an adventure
in the tick tock monotony of parental duties
double homicide of lovers by mom and dad
yet the mystery still calls,
the sweet safari of his inner monologue
but I've become too impatient
to hide in the bushes and wait
to tired to chase and rise early
to travel to his side of the jungle
Lord, forgive me,
I cannot turn back time
But I can turn
Just tell me where.

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