Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Out of The Mouths of Babes . . . well, my babe, anyway.

Jesus said, "Yes, I hear them. And haven't you read in God's Word, 'From the mouths of children and babies I'll furnish a place of praise'?" Matthew 21:16

ok, God, I have this fear that when she's older, I'll forget all of the joy and wisdom You give me in this three-year-old, princess-in-training, blonde-bombshell-in-the-making kid of mine, so here . . .

As I sit with my laptop, writing scripts for church, cerebral deep in an imaginary world, she bolts out of her own Barbie world bedroom, and proudly announces "Mommy, guess what? I just prayed to Jesus that I could get that new Prince Derek doll! Can we go buy it now?

First full sentence at 16 months, trying to toddle down our green, gooey pile-littered sidewalk: "Ew, Deez ducks need diapers!"

Along those same lines, two years later, after spotting a particularly stately pile--"Shew! That duck used a lot of energy on that one!"

One morning, as she climbed into our bed holding Pinky (a pink elephant who has seen better days) and her beloved animal blanket, she said "Oh, I love you so much, Mommy. I love how you're so warm." Laying her head on my chest, she adds "you keep me warm with your heart." ( I know, it's just too much.)

On our way to a family reunion, I began listing all the people we would be meeting and explaining how we were all related, she was very quiet, until finally she interrupted and said "Mommy, um, you're talking too much" (something I would expect at thirteen, but three?)

While traveling in the car with my sister-in-law and two year old niece, Lauren was learning not to tattle as I explained. "Let Lauren take care of Lauren and Nora take care of Nora." Lauren looked down at her belly, around the car, cocked her head to the side and said "But there's only one of me!"

At 18 months, after visiting the zoo that day, I hear a loud and long roar coming from her diaper. She smiled and said "Like a lion!" (She gets that from her daddy's side.)

After brushing my teeth one morning, I leaned down to kiss her and she said "Oooh, I like your breath today, mommy. I wish I could eat it."

On the way home from church when she was two, she asked "Does Jesus live in the stars? Maybe we can get my animal blanket and my pinky (the elephant) and get on an airplane, and I'll take a nap and then when I wake up we'll be at Jesus' house!"

One of my favorites is the spontaneous smile followed by a "Mommy, you're my best friend."

Last year, a dear friend from my (Titus 2 in action) women's small group suffered a stroke. Lauren and I went over to her house to help her clean up and get organized since she was to stay in bed for a few more days. I explained to Lauren that we were going to help Deb feel better since she was sick, but not to worry because Jesus was going to make her all better soon. As I was in the kitchen doing some dishes, Lauren and Deb decided to watch some TV together. As I was cleaning up, Deb suddenly walked in with her cane. I asked her what she was doing since she wasn't supposed to be up and about yet. She said she was proving a point to my daughter. While I was doing the laundry, Lauren had leaned over and given Deb a hug and kiss and whispered "Don't worry, Deb. Jesus is fixing you and making you all better. You can get up and play with me now." She smiled and told me "Forgive me if I'm not following doctor's orders, but you're daughter gave me a higher calling . . ."

and one that I think I'll be pondering until my last breath . . .

As I leaned down to kiss her good night and tell her "sweet dreams", she said "Dont' worry, Mommy. People who love Jesus don't see monsters at night."


Rachel said...

Awww... so adorable! This blog didn't show up until today along with the other two! Hmm... I set up an account here because this is the only one that works here at ISD... hopefully it will continue to!

Anonymous said...

Kristen, just what I needed this afternoon!

Keep recording these unbiased words of wisdom!



SARAH BAKER! said...

SIDENOTE: that amazingly adorable little lauren...ya know the one you all are wishing was your daughter or secretly asking God why your daughters arent MY NEICE. Yessum thats right she came from my sister KRISTIN BAKER!!

another sidenote...she get from her momma;)


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kay said...

Reading those sweet words brought a much needed smile to my face at the beginning of a hectic new school year. My AP seniors were not use to seeing me smile so early in the morning and commented that I must have enjoyed reading their essays. I wish their words were as meaningful as Lauren's.

Jessica said...

That is the CUTEST thing EVER! This made my day already! :)