Saturday, February 23, 2013

Your Road

Our ancestors charted the course
road upon road of precise measure
bridges, tunnels, super highways and cul-de-sacs
But these roads are so much more than gravel, concrete, dirt and asphalt,
Our road becomes the unacknowledged witness
to the gritty moments in our wanderings on this earth.

These roads know the first hopeful steps of a toddler,
They caught the trickling blood from our knees
On the day dad let go of the bicycle seat,
They observe our first games of tag and catch,
The forbidden boundaries framing the safety in our fresh-cut yards,
Seeing us lean in for our first kiss, venture out that first night in the dorm,
The crossroads of adulthood, where choice and freewill,
Blur the map and the destination seems to disappear.
Roads that watched our good night kisses
are the same that hold us up as we run away from home.

The crossroad moments, where choice and freewill,
Blur the map and the destination seems to disappear.
Our road endures much as we sculpt it with our bustle to and fro
Potholes form, rocks fall, cars slam through guardrails,
Delays, detours, death in the family.
Highways with no exit ramps in site
Sudden twists and turns without slowing down,
Or worse yet, someone else behind the wheel,
Our life in their hands
And we wonder as we wander
How did we get here?
Some roads can be ugly, ominous, with sharp curves ahead.
still, they speak of progress and searching,  
as we pursue meaning, find connections,
crave adventure, or long for home.
As we run this course before us, we hope for a safe spot to rest.
Yet we long for momentum,
Crave both freedom and direction, purpose and peace.
We pave our own way toward or away from something or someone.
The map leading the way
Suddenly appears more like a spider’s web
Wounded and confused, we ask
Where do we turn? 
Then You whisper "Follow me" and...
A new horizon stretches before us
beautiful, promising, full of possibility.
Risk with a rush, void of fear, for You lead the way
We embrace and embody our mission
taking steps toward You together.
We will take Your message of hope to the unreached, 
the hurting and the marginalized.
We will follow You.  
For this is 
Your road.

“A line can be straight, or a street,
but the human heart, oh, no,
it's curved like a road through mountains.”

 “You were all called to travel on the same road and in the same direction, so stay together, both outwardly and inwardly.” Ephesians 4:4-6

“And how blessed all those in whom you live, whose lives become roads you travel; They wind through lonesome valleys, come upon brooks, discover cool springs and pools brimming with rain! God-traveled, these roads curve up the mountain, and at the last turn—Zion! God in full view!” Psalm 84:5-7

“Prepare God’s arrival! Make the road smooth and straight! 
Every ditch will be filled in, Every bump smoothed out, 
The detours straightened out, All the ruts paved over. 
Everyone will be there to see The parade of God’s salvation.”  
Luke 3:5-6