Thursday, October 09, 2008

Cornering Krissy

There once was a little girl named Krissy
who seemed like a good little girl
her parents smiled at their beautiful child
but her older brother wanted to hurl...
The poor little guy was just way too smart
for his own little two year old good
and as he grew his parents knew
he didn't behave like a nice brother should.
The mother cried, the father was puzzled
"Where did we go wrong?
That our little boy would make it his joy
to torture her all day long?"
As he got a little older,
his genius was put to good use
to find new ways to terrorize her days
while she waved a flag of truce.
He got a little tired of being grounded
and the lectures from mom and dad
then one night, a bulb of light
what great idea he had!
So the next day after school
before the parents came home
he pushed her in the corner and began to warn her
and reminded her they were alone.
He said the meanest things that came to his mind
He just wanted to see her cry
he trapped her in, like a grenade has a pin
and wouldn't let her leave 'til her eyes were dry.
"If you tell mom and dad", he said with a glare
"things will only get worse"
the fear was real, so she made a deal
and promised not to converse.
He wasn't really that bad of a kid
just too smart for his own good
He never touched her, or even punched her
Just didn't love her like a big brother should.
But his word was always law
from that frightening cornered day on
he had the power to make her cower
like a mind-gaming Genghis Khan.
Krissy grew up and her brother did too
saying good-bye to childish days
he said he felt bad for how he was as a lad
and everything seemed okay.
But there were still those times in grown-up Krissy's life
when she'd find herself feeling again
like she's back in the corner, with no one to warn her
wondering when it will end.
This time is different, she tells herself
still feeling like prey in a den
this time instead, she bows her head
and walks away with a smiling Amen.

"When I was a child, I talked like a child, I thought like a child, I reasoned like a child. When I became a man, I put childish ways behind me." 1 Corinthians 13:11


Sarah Koutz said...

You never know just how deep your words settle in the minds and hearts of others!

John McClain said...

Hey Kristin,

Just checking out your blog and thought I would drop you a note saying your monologue this past weekend was great! You always do such a great job and you make it look effortless. Thanks for being our drama team leader.


Anonymous said...

What beautiful words. So Poetic:) you're amazing!
Love Ya,

Stephanie J said...

It seems I never have anything to say about your blogs other than "Thank you for sharing this" ... maybe that's enough.

sherryLsmith said...

Hey sweet thing!

Yes, older brothers can be ruthless! I remember my older brother farting in my face, or teasing me until I cried. He could even be mean to the little family dog! He's a great man now, and a good friend. Also a favorite uncle to my boys.

Your poetry is so clear and articulate.

How are you enjoying BSF?

caryn said...

I can't decide which got to me more - the beauty of your writing or the sad picture it created in my head. I am not an artist - but I do have some similar pictures in my head from when I was little!

Cody Baker said...

Can I just say it? What an ASS!
He's cool now, but, DANG! he needed his skinny butt kicked up between his ears back then. Am I right? : )
What is it with older brothers? My bro was a jerk too, now he's one of my best friends.
It's mind boggling.

...greg smith said...

He did that? Agh! Sorry I wasn't there to help you.

Anonymous said...

Kristin, This brought tears to my eyes. I can only imagine what the little girl Krissy must have been feeling as she was cornered. You've expressed it beautifully. xoxoxo Margi