Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Backyard Banquet

my favorite spot for diving in Your word
returned with the spring like a soldier from war
slowly unfolding like the cherry tree blossoms by the porch
or the sun setting on the water, still leaving a trail of warmth
story after story of men risking their lives
all to tell the good news I get to read in the hammock
knit together like Your story to stretch and catch me in all the right places
to tell of the man I get to chat with under a canopy of sighing buds
once the veil was torn in two
to reassure of the Holy Spirit I can feel in the breeze
and read between the lines
in this time of backyard banquet peace
and it's just so . . .
deliciously You

"Then the church throughout Judea, Galilee and Samaria enjoyed a time of peace. It was strengthened; and encouraged by the Holy Spirit, it grew in numbers, living in the fear of the Lord." Acts 9:31

"If we are not careful, we can miss out on the amazing banquet God has set before us. If we settle for a weekly snack at church and never dig into God's word between Sundays, it costs us more than we realize. We need to get past all of our excuses and fears, belly up to the table, and partake of the good things God has set before us." Kevin G. Harney, Seismic Shifts

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