Friday, March 07, 2008

Egg Hunt

a wolf in sheep's clothing isn't always easy to spot
like the truth in a game of telephone
I miss my former students
so many of them walk in darkness
a little on edge but too old to ask for help
groping as if blind, wondering if there's an easier way
when it's as simple as a slipknot blindfold
and a true story of the one place they belong
I wish I could make that story real for them
as real as their ipods, facebook pages, and favorite t-shirts
it hurts sometimes
like an exit missed and I can't turn around
so I poor myself into Easter service plans
loving their faces and their families in the back of my mind
Many of them will go to some kind of church this Easter
in suits and pretty dresses
an Americana Pink Bunny ritual
they may not come to this place
but wherever they go
let them find more than a family tradition
before the plastic egg hunt in the backyard
let them find some truth
in the light of You
and help them to start hunting
for more than just Easter eggs

"We do not see things as they are. We see things as we are. Could it possibly be that your reality is skewed by a lack of light? A lie that is told long enough, loud enough, and often enough, pretty soon sounds like the truth.While the power of the lie holds us captive, the person of Jesus Christ sets us free."

"In faith there is enough light for those who want to believe and enough shadows to blind those who don't. " Blaise Pascal

"But you belong. The Holy One anointed you, and you all know it. I haven't been writing this to tell you something you don't know, but to confirm the truth you do know, and to remind you that the truth doesn't breed lies." 1 John 2:20
"Jesus once again addressed them: 'I am the world's Light. No one who follows me stumbles around in the darkness. I provide plenty of light to live in.'" John 8:12

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Sarah Koutz said...

Here is a thought. Take bunch of Easter postcards with you to the show next weekend and invite your students to come check out the "drama work" you are doing now. You never know who might show up and what might happen if they do.