Saturday, January 19, 2008

Year in Re . . .Phew!

One year in four minutes and it rhymes . . . WHAT?!!!!
the toughest assigment I've ever had reminded me how real You are . . .
as You whispered in my ears down to my heart and out the clicking fingertips
bless DC , Dustin, and Ben this week as they turn this rough-around-the-edges rhyme
into a masterpiece.

"the LORD has done this, and it is marvelous in our eyes." Psalm 118:23

2006 had its kicks, like a perfect brownie mix
we all thought it can’t get better than this
but let’s kick this into gear, the royal premiere, one calendar year
of bringin’ up there down here.
The new year came at us like a spinning wheel,
a time to reveal what’s ideal vs. real,
crazy life lessons in a TV show, 24 hours of seeds to sow,
not just Sundays fadin’ into Mondays by midweek you’re callin’ it done days
but God in every second, every minute,
no matter how you spin it, He just wants to be in it.
When dreams aren’t the same as who we became,
we stopped playing games and wrote three names,
too busy climbin’ ladders to see there’s nothin’ sadder
then people thinkin’ they don’t matter,
so we started takin’ inventory as story after story
pointed to His glory.
Springtime gave us a front row seat to a brand new beat of a marriage complete.
But it’s a sticky life when marital strife feels a little more like a twist of a knife,
honesty left us with a raw feeling, but kept revealing a chance at healing.
When husband and wife started talking now and then,
women and men learnin’ to love again.
And we all looked up and said an Amen.
We looked backed down and suddenly found
a cartoon town but when we looked around,
our proud thick skin started to wear thin
when we saw we’ve been the real enemy within.
Bitterness, revenge, insecurity frustration,
gossip conversations, creeping temptation
dangled, finding ourselves tangled, strangled in a sticky web.
We were about to despair at all the wear and tear,
but found there’s a God who cares and won’t leave us there.
Out of the web into a crazy game show,
we say we want to grow, but then we don’t know,
cuz you can’t tear apart the wallet and the heart,
it all depends on who bends and spends
so we looked through the lens of some little M&MS.
We committed one time to a dollar’s dime and felt sublime
cuz talk can be cheap but me and my peops,
took a big leap like wakin’ up from a sleep.
Taking part in something bigger pulled a trigger
for more God hellos, summer goes with the flow like a stained glass window,
or a grand piano in the hands of a master who took disaster
and turned into a pastor.
When warm Thursday nights, illuminated lights
of selfish cookie bites, and brought us to new heights of knowing Him,
new depths like a coal miner, getting’ out of our recliners
into the fire of the refiner and got to know the real Designer.
There were new beginnings at the summer’s end,
when we invited friends, to really comprehend
a life worth dying for, too many choices in the candy store
leavin' us feelin’ like a prisoner of war
but they found so much more when they walked through that
big door.
We cheered and cried at the man who died and took a little ride
to see judgment repealed, and beauty revealed on the unlikely spot of
a baseball field.
But after home plate, there’s no time to wait,
cuz Monday’s fate brings us straight . . . back to the office
where we ask what is this takin’ care of business
when the jerks at work are drivin’ us berserk
the pressure to compete, leaves us somewhere between defeat and conceit.
But just when we were feelin’ a little like a spinning fan,
we had coffee with a man who gave us the real game plan.
Then we heard from another how he learned to love his mother
and really started thinking how to love one another,
episodes of Tv shows with zeroes to Heroes
makin’ us think we were on the brink cuz you just might be the link
to a bigger plan, so be a man, take a stand, and just lend a hand.
From new TV’s to old movies, we learned from the best what a parent should be,
Feelin’ like a chauffer, or more like a gofer,
suckin’ the life out, just wanna take the wife out,
the kids complain with bulgin’ neck veins,
drivin’ me insane, then we got to hear from a brain,
I know its seems bizarre, but we were just shootin’ par,
he told us to take charge, now daddy’s livin’ large.
Then we took a trip to forty years ago, I say good bye and you say hello,
but they’re askin’ the same stuff we still want to know,
same stones hurled, same questions swirled,
nothin’s gonna change my world,
but there’s something to say for lookin’ back at yesterday,
and here comes the sunny day
when we can see the solution, hope redistribution,
in a peaceful revolution.
We stood still in the glory, new territory for an age old story,
good news proclaimed and we will never be the same
when we all pass the flame,
cuz can’t you see there would be no debris if we can all agree
and just . . . let it be.
Wow, what a year, you’re here, the engineers, sincere pioneers.
I’m a big fan, cuz it’s you and me, man, we’re just part of His plan.
And I know you can relate, when I say I can’t wait
to see what’s on His plate for 2008!
So there’s my rhyme, son,
man, what a run, I may be done, but
He’s only just begun.

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Sherry Ingle said...

As I read this...I could SOOO hear DC rappin' these song-like lyrics!
Amazin' Kristen!!!