Thursday, July 20, 2006

Make a wish . . .

"This is your life. Are you who you wanna be?" Switchfoot

"What is your life?" James 4:14b

What is it about birthdays
that gets us thinking
about the bigger picture,
the whole forest,
each dot on the timeline,
each puzzle piece,
and stepping stone.
That personal once-a-year holiday
that as an adult
seems paradoxical
no balloons
no cartoon characters
no shiny bows
no proud faces clapping over the candle smoke
often just us
alone with our thoughts
and . . . our age
For the first time this year
I just keep grinning
Like I slept with a hanger in my mouth
No, I haven't arrived
No, I've not achieved every goal
No, I've not reached perfection
But for the first time this year
I can answer the big questions
with confidence
with character
with You.
Am I who I want to be?
Yes, because I'm chasing You.
What is my life?
I squint my eyes
over the candle inferno
breath in
and make a wish
that my life will always be
an arrow
where no matter which way life spins me
I will always point to You.


Rachel said...

When are you coming to Anderson this summer? I really want to see you because I miss you tons and tons! I'm leaving for Indy in a few weeks too, so hopefully it can be soooooon! ^_^ If you can't come here maybe I can go see you. I have a friend up there that I can visit too!

Baker said...

We'll be in town part of the day on Tues. E-mail me your number.

mark said...

Every time I'm by your site, I'm inspired. What a simple, vivid, sobering reflection.

Confidence in the mystery of God is an awesome wonder.

Thanks again for posting so eloquently.